Chibiami Expansion!

Last night Lolly and I took a bunch of cat and dog toys to the Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar at the fairgrounds! I’m so excited! We took 40+ pieces, and hopefully I’ll get some Christmas shopping money out of it. It runs for 6 days and I’m working on more stuff to take in on Thursday.

I opened a shop on Etsy a few minutes ago! So far there’s only 1 item listed, but I’ll put up more in days to come:


Here, kitty kitty…

I’ve been making cat toys lately, to sell at farmer’s market, bazaars, etc. A lot of folks have asked about them so I thought I’d share some pics! There’s something to suit every kitty’s tastes- jingles, catnip, wigglies, and more. There’s even seasonal items (Halloween items are sold out except orange fishie).

The pictures are a bit blurry, but you get the idea.