Here, kitty kitty…

I’ve been making cat toys lately, to sell at farmer’s market, bazaars, etc. A lot of folks have asked about them so I thought I’d share some pics! There’s something to suit every kitty’s tastes- jingles, catnip, wigglies, and more. There’s even seasonal items (Halloween items are sold out except orange fishie).

The pictures are a bit blurry, but you get the idea.


4 thoughts on “Here, kitty kitty…

  1. I am wondering how much these are: Catnip-stuffed Sugar Cookies, Catnip-stuffed Fortune Cookie?? Do you accept a Money Order for payment?

    • I sell the cookies for $5 each, $4 if you buy more than one.

      I accept Paypal for payments, it’s free to sign up and I don’t have to wait for the payment to arrive in the mail before I can send the toys.

  2. I have to check with my husband to see how many we want (we have three cats). I’ll get back to you on how many and what type. We have a PayPal account already…What is your PayPal email to put in and how much is shipping?

  3. I will be buying Three Catnip filled Sugar Cookies, as we have three cats. How much is shipping and what is your PayPal email address and name? We have Paypal already so it shouldn’t be to hard.

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