NB Blogathon 2009!

There is a great lady out there named Nikki, who each year shares 24 hours of her life to blog about kids (and an adult or two) who are fighting or fought Neuroblastoma (NB), a particularly nasty childhood cancer that I happen to have survived! The blogathon is an awareness and fundraiser event, with the proceeds going to Band of Parents, a group started by parents and loved ones of children affected by NB.

This year the Blogathon will go from 9am on Saturday, July 25th, until 9am on Sunday, July 26th. Please pop on over to¬† bloggingforkids.shebecameabutterfly.net and share in the lives of the precious warriors, survivors, and angels! If you are able to make a donation for Band of Parents, the link is there too and any amount is greatly appreciated. We’re stronger together!

You can read my story at http://www.caringbridge.org/or/rachel.

Another great NB fundraiser is lunchforlife.org, they ask that you give up your lunch for a day and donate the cost of that lunch instead. On the same idea, I’ve been pondering a sale in my etsy store (www.chibiami.etsy.com), where I will crochet play foods- cupcakes, eggs and bacon, fruits and veggies- with the proceeds going to Lunch For Life to continue the work of raising awareness, supporting each other, advocating for our kids, and funding research.

For some reason, my links aren’t working. Please copy/paste the URLs to see where all the action’s at!