Has it really been that long since I posted to this blog? Bad Rachel, bad!

Amigurumi have fallen by the waysode in lieu of my newest obsession: SPINNING! I’ve been spinning my own yarn, and knitting up a storm for the last year and, let’s see… (March, April, May…) 3 months. 15 months since I started, whew! It’s incredibly relaxing, which is good because I have a very stressful life right now. There’s just something about leaning back a little, letting the fiber slip lightly through your fingers, colors blending together and twisting as the wheel spins ’round, and ’round, and ’round… Mesmerizing.

I’d like to branch out into knit toys someday, but I need to get back to the basics and make some more amigurumis. I just destashed 1/3 of my acrylic stash for a rummage sale, but no worries, I still have at least one skein of every color imaginable! And I had a request for a LollyPup from a friend.

News updates:

  • I’m no longer with Sophistipets, it was not an amicable parting of ways but it’s water under the bridge now. My followers (few though you may be) are still encouraged to check out the website, just know that I am not affiliated with the company now!
  • I got my own place! Well, my mom lives with me- she’s disabled, an amputee, uses a wheelchair to get around. We have our ups and downs, but for the most part we get along quite well and are loving our apartment (even if it still doesn’t have any pictures on the walls, and Mount Unpacked Boxes dominates our living room after 2 months…)
  • The Chibi of ChibiAmi lives with me now, she’s my mom’s little Shih Tsu Chibi-Chan (it means “little one” in Japanese). She can be a pest at times but I have to admit I love having a little furry thing to come home to at the end of the day. XD

There’s always more to say, but little enough time to say it all in, sigh…


2 thoughts on “Sheesh!

  1. Rachel – I didn’t know you had a blog, and yes, please post a little more often. I like hearing about what is going on with my fellow PDX Knit Bloggers, even if I don’t see them every week… You know me as “the one who never knits”…

  2. a very interesting blog you have here. I hope that you are posting some Amigurumi dolls in the near future.



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