A Yarnaholic Speaks Out

I’m addicted to crocheting amigurumi critters, and recently started designing my own. I love to read, and when I’m not crocheting or working I’m usually on PaperBackSwap.com, playing with my “pirate” friends. P-) I have a little dog named Chibi-Chan, which means in Japanese “little one.” Chibi-Chan + Amigurumi = chibiami, get it?

Update: Since I started this blog, I learned to knit and spin, which is very relaxing and addictive. As if I needed another addiction, n’est-ce pas? I’m saving money to buy my first spinning wheel, hopefully by my birthday in February. I also branched out int othe world of beaded stitch markers- fun little things!

I’m not as active on PaperBackSwap anymore, but spend quite a bit of time on Ravelry.com instead, making friends, learning knit/crochet techniques, finding patterns, making more friends. My patterns are published there as well. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Yarnaholic Speaks Out

  1. I’ve been searching for a cute pattern for a friend who is expecting.

    Lolly pup is the cutest critter of all!

    Thank you, very much, I’ll send a picture, if I successfully complete the project.

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